Friday, July 28, 2006

About the individual Hariram


Few words about the individual that I am - Hariram. I was born and brought up in a spiritual brahmin family in Trivandrum. During my childhood, I used to listen to Rudram and Kanda Shasthi Kavacham all the time - I used to sleep listening to the same only.

Years rolled by with singing bhajans and learning puranic stories. Then came 1991 when I was 10 years old and my life took a drastic change. I met my Guru, Sadguru Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, and became an ardent devotee of AMMA. It was at the same time that I started listening to Prof. Balakrishnan Nair's discourses on Chatussutri Brahma Sutra.

In 1994, I got my upanayana from AMMA and started learning scriptural books though not fully analyzing it or having full involvement in it. Did my schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya and engineering in Kottayam. After engg was over, stayed for some time at AMMA's ashram in cochin learning computer courses. It was during that time that started learning Vedantic work with deeper analysis.

In 2003, got selected in Infosys and had training in pune for 4 months -- from then on started a journey of learning vedantic works in detail which is still going on and on. Was posted permanently in chennai where stayed alone learning vedanta and writing few works (explanation of sanskrit works) in english on vedanta.

Currently, as of 2006 July, am deputed at client location in New Jersey, US.

Life is going on and on with learning vedanta and trying to focus on the ultimate reality of Brahman.

About interests, philosophy gets the first place above even work and other things. Then comes music and sanskrit. Other things are not given that much importance but still watch movies, do chit-chat etc.

About nature, am short-tempered, shy, not good at making friends but once am a friend go beyond limits and committed to spiritual relationships. Am not good at talking to opposite sex, willing and happy to be left alone -- these are some of my nature.

By the grace of AMMA, am trying to always contemplate on the ultimate reality of Brahman -- that everything is but Brahman, one without a second. Hope to have this constant thought in the mind and help out whoever is wanting any spiritual help whatever it may be, whenever it may be and wherever it may be.

Salutations to all.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006



Humble salutations to all.

Vedanta affirms that "I", "You", "Everything" is nothing but the ultimate reality of Brahman of the nature of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss absolute. It is but a pity that very few realize their own very nature -- the rest get deluded into the various superimpositions in the form of "I am this body, I am so and so" etc. All these are definitions of the body-mind-intellect complex whereas "I" am beyond all these as the substratum of all these illusory entities.

Realization of this real nature of "I" as ultimate reality of Brahman, the one and only entity present, is the main aim of human life. Until this realization dawns, there will be births and deaths which is full of sorrows-sufferings.

It is ignorance of one's own very nature of Brahman which causes a person to think that he is suffering and will be having birth-death. Once realization dawns through knowledge about the reality of Brahman, then there will be no ignorance at all but bliss, bliss and bliss alone. Realization is possible only through knowledge of the reality of Brahman. Knowledge of Brahman which is the Subject of all objects is possible only through study of scriptures and knowledge taught by the Guru.

Study of scriptures and getting a Guru, surrendering to the Guru should be the prime task of each individual. This alone can give him eternal bliss - that which is being sought by each and every person irrespective of caste, creed etc.

Let us all try to realize our own very nature of Brahman through study of scriptures in this particular blog. Come, let us analyze and understand the subtle concepts of Vedanta in the various postings in the blog.

Salutations to all.


Vedanta -- the key to eternal bliss

Vedanta is the key to eternal bliss. As Yajnavalkya says in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad that sravana (listening), manana (reflection) and nidhidhyaasana (contemplation) of the ultimate reality of Brahman as one's own very nature is the key to eternal bliss and complete cessation of sorrow.